Snap Journal [April 2023] – Ride of the Sakura Squad

The ways to enjoy cycling are expanding these days. Different members, styling, objectives, backgrounds, and other factors combine to make each ride a completely different session.
In “Snap Journal,” we will post snapshots that capture the atmosphere of a ride in Japan, so that we can preserve the style of cycling of the moment.
This time, we invited friends from all over Japan to join us on a course that adds a little spice to the standard route that our community members often ride. Come along for a ride that will make you feel the season of cherry blossoms.

Member / Kenta-san, Atsushi, Beki, Non, & Tats
Text / Tats

Let’s go the ‘Usual Path’.

The members this time came from all over Japan, so the ride was styled as an “Omotenashi Ride” and focused on our home course.

When we ride for the purpose of connecting with others within the framework of a “social ride,” the enjoyment of the ride is endless, even if we do not explore new courses.

However, recently we have been mixing paved and gravel roads in our rides, so this time, too, we incorporated gravel roads, which are not too difficult to ride on a road bike, to spice up the ride.

Kenta-san proceeding quickly with Aethos

Atsushi riding a gravel bike with room to spare

Non’s tires are 23c tubulars, so walking is the right thing to do.:)

Love the dark atmosphere of cloudy forest roads.

Everyone was kind enough to wait for me at the end of the gravel section.

Since it was a weekday, we went to Zebra Coffee, which is always open and stable.

Does the shot look good?

First time for someone to eat so much at Zebra Coffee…! LOL

It has been cloudy all day, but the colorful flowers along the roadside make us feel spring.

The cherry blossoms are just in full bloom and beautiful!

Finally, we stopped at a park for a short rest.

All wearing Café du Cycliste. We love this style.

A fresh group of women (←) and men (→) looking at them warmly. Same as last time.

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom when everyone’s busy schedules coincided with the ride.
After the ride, Beki told us, “Love Cyclist rides provide me with inspiration that I don’t always get from other people, and it gives me a new perspective on life on the bike.”

I think this is the best part of social rides. Because we ride in our usual path, we can ride in peace and focus on our conversations. We hope to wear the Café du Cycliste again and go to other people’s ‘usual path’ again.

Thanks! / Kenta-san, Atsushi, Beki, Non
Photo / Tats, Kenta-san
Text / Tats