POC Omne Lite In-Depth Review: Almighty lightweight helmet for both racing and non-racing

KASK is the most comfortable helmet for my head, so I wear Valegro as my main helmet and sometimes Protone or Wasabi. However, since KASK helmets are basically sporty, it is sometimes difficult to match them with clothing. I have been looking for a helmet with a less racing feel for about a year now, and I finally found “this one” in the POC Omne Lite.

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1. Overview

POC Omne Lite ($200 USD)

Omne Lite was released in 2023. POC originally had a middle grade Omne Air, and Omne Lite was a latecomer as its lightweight model; while Omne Air weighed 330g, Omne Lite was much lighter at 240g. The Omne Lite has an increased number of openings and a sleek appearance.

Material PC shell, EPS liner
Weight 240g (size M)
Size S 55-58cm / M 59-62cm
Certification CE-EN1078

Wears size S. KASK is size M


2. Purpose of Purchase

I like KASK Valegro so much that I have been using it for about five years since it was first released, buying different colors as I went along.
Recently, however, I have been riding more and more in slightly dressed-down clothing, such as at the Café du Cycliste, and I find that the sportiness of the Valegro doesn’t suit me.
The most representative helmet with a sense of comfort is the POC, and up to now, the Omne Air has been a strong candidate. However, I felt that Omne Air’s weight of 330g would be stressful on long distances if compared to Valegro’s 200g.
Then, in 2023, Omne Lite (240g), a lightweight model of Omne Air, was released. The fact that it was comparable to KASK’s higher-end model in terms of weight was a deciding factor in their decision to introduce it.

The color is black.

←Omne Lite | Ventral Lite→
The higher-end Ventral model is also good looking, but it has more of a racing feel to it, and the shape doesn’t suit my face.


3. Pros/Cons


Almighty in any style: the shape fits perfectly against the aim of the introduction. It fits not only with a dressed-down style but also with a racy atmosphere, so I have been wearing it most frequently since I purchased it. I also purchased AlbaOptics ANVMA LEI as well, since it is easier to match with twin-lens type eyewear (I’m turning the economy around).

Lightweight: The name “Lite” is synonymous with lightweight, and the difference is obvious after wearing the Omne Air. It looks heavy because of its solid appearance, but the number and shape of the openings seem to have reduced the weight.

Measured at 227.5g, about +20g from Valegro

POC logo on the back: the logo is very assertive…! It’s cute how it looks like it’s running with a POC on its head. This is allowed because it is a POC.


The fit is just as good with KASK: It can’t be helped, but no matter what other brand you wear, you can’t get a more comfortable fit than the “deep fit” of KASK’s fitting system. However, this is just a feeling, and the POC does not shift when riding.


4. Conclusion

POC Omne Lite着用イメージ3

Omne Lite is a mid-grade model that goes well with both racy and dressed-down looks, is as light as other brands’ high-end models, and is extremely cost-effective because it fits well with clothing and bikes in any price range. I love it to the point where I want to grow more of it when it comes in gray and off-white colors.

POC Omne Lite(Amazon)


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