[Product Review] Fizik Vento Ferox Carbon: Bringing the feel of road shoes to SPD.

Recently, I have been wearing 2-bolt shoes on both road and gravel. This has been encouraged by the existence of the Fizik Vento Ferox Carbon, a gravel racing shoe.
I bought them 3 months ago and will review the good and the bad.

review / Tats@tats_lovecyclist

1. Overview

Fizik’s Vento Ferox Carbon was released in the spring of 2022.
It is part of the “Vento” racing category of Fizik shoes, and “Ferox” means “ferocious / wild” in Latin. As the name suggests, these shoes are designed to be used in hard cyclocross and gravel races.

Upper PU laminated upper
Fit System BOA® Fit System
Outsole X1 Carbon – with rubber tread, stiffness index 10
Weight (catalog)
297g(size 42)
Weight (measured) 308g(size 41)
Size 36-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes)
Price €299.00


2. Purpose of Purchase

I purchased a gravel bike in 2022. However, living in the city center, gravel rides are usually 90% paved roads + 10% unpaved roads, so the weight of the equipment is closer to paved roads.
However, there are times when we drive straight to the gravel, so it was a must to use 2-bolt shoes that are easy to walk in.

I looked for 2-bolt shoes with a hard sole, but most of the models on the market had an “earthy” look, as if they were for off-road use, and there were very few on the market with a clean design like 3-bolt shoes.

The two candidates that came up for consideration were the “Fizik Vento Ferox” and the “QUOC Gran Tourer II“. I was attracted to the Gran Tourer II, but I finally decided to go with the Fizik, since QUOC also serves the same purpose as the Adidas Velosamba, which I also own.

←QUOC Gran Tourer II / Fizik Vento Ferox→


I wear a size 41. I bought it after trying it on in the store. The fit sizes for other brands are Specialized42, LAKE41, Nimbl42, Udog41, and Shimano41.


3. Pros / Cons


Fit: Fizik didn’t fit my foot when I tried on a road model a few years ago (my pinky finger was hitting it), so I stayed away from this brand for a while, but when I tried them on again, the toe box was wider and they fit better. I am glad that Fizik will be an option when I need other shoes in the future.

Closure usability: The BOA adjusts the overall tightness and the power strap is made to hold the ankle in place. This was my first time using Fizik’s power strap, and the ease of adjustment was exceptional compared to entry grade velcro straps. They don’t shift and are easy to adjust. They are also easy to put on and take off.

The ease of handling the power strap is great.

Color and shape: Although many anime fans might call it “Evangelion color,” the light purple color is easier to match with wear than expected and gives a clean impression different from white shoes. The shape is also slimmer than typical 2-bolt shoes, so it goes well with simple clothing.

The coloring, which destroyed the tradition of off-road shoes, is the best.

Power transmission & walkability: The sole is very rigid, and I can step on it with the same feeling as in road shoes. And yet they are much easier to walk on than road shoes, so they are OK for everyday use on a road bike.

Durable upper: PU laminated mesh is easy to clean and does not allow much wind and rain to pass through. 2-bolt shoes cannot be used with oversocks, so in winter they depend on the thermal protection of the shoes themselves, but they do not get very cold, which is helpful.

Upper material to keep it clean


Price: You get performance for the price, but €299.00 is still a bit pricey.


4. Conclusion

The purple color tends to make people hesitant to purchase these shoes, but in reality, they are easier to use and like more than you might imagine.
Road riders who are looking to buy gravel or CX shoes may be confused about their shoe choices, but there are not many racing-oriented off-road shoes on the market today.
So the Vento Ferox would be a great transition shoe from road shoes.

Fizik Vento Ferox Carbon(Wiggle)


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