dhb Aeron review: an all-around jersey that comes alive on long rides.

Optimized for every kind of ride.

It is no exaggeration to say that dhb has become a standard brand, widely popular among cyclists in the UK and Japan.
We have looked at various categories of clothing such as Blok, Merino, MODA, and Aeron Lab, but this time we will review the Aeron series.
This series, which is touted as “performance-oriented,” is as full of dhb’s character as ever.

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dhb Aeron

dhb Aeron Short Sleeve Jersey (Mens | Womens) – $85.00

Over the past three to four years, dhb has shifted its brand strategy, shifting its main focus from inexpensive models to professional models.
In line with this shift, dhb has developed categories that suit each cyclist’s style, with the pro-team line called Aeron Lab at the top, the design-oriented Blok, the basic Classic, and the women’s-specific MODA.

Of these, Aeron is the second most performance-oriented lineup after Aeron Lab.

Aeron Jersey Features

  • – All-around design for long rides
    – Durable fabric that can be worn for many seasons
    – Cut to fit a wide range of body types

According to the dhb development manager, what was once the best-selling category in Japan with reasonably priced Blok and Classic is now the best-selling category with Aeron. The shift in brand value is now being embraced by cyclists.

dhb Aeronジャージ カラバリ

Aeron short sleeve jerseys in a variety of colors

Aeron offers a wide range of color variations, with nine colors available for men and four for women. We chose “Milky Blue (men’s)” and “Light Green (women’s)” as the most summery.

Blue tones that blend in with the summer sky

Difference between Aeron and Aeron Lab

Although Aeron is categorized as performance-oriented, the cut is roomier than the top-of-the-line Aeron Lab or other brands’ race fits; while the Aeron Lab is quite narrow overall, the Aeron is roomier, especially around the torso.
The tailoring is roomy enough to match cyclists of a wide range of body types. This suggests that the Aeron Lab is more suited for racing, while the Aeron is more suited for cycling and long rides.

Size: UK8 (height 167cm/chest 85cm)

Size: XS (height 177cm/chest 86cm)

The shape of the jersey is very basic. The collar is high and the sleeves are of a common length.
If you are looking for a trendy shape (tight, low collar, long sleeves, short length), you should choose Aeron Lab, but what you get with Aeron is a basic, timeless stability.

Aeron Design

The first thing we feel when we hold the jersey in our hands is that the fabric and construction are quite sturdy. Even when pulled with force, it does not stretch or fray. You can tell that it will last for a long time.

The cuffs fit snugly to the arms thanks to the wide grippers. And the sewing is very beautiful.

The back is switched to mesh material along the center line.
Since the center of the back is the part that often sweats, this design is intended to create air flow there. While there are summer jerseys that have all mesh on the back, the fact that this is the case here shows the intention to make the jersey usable not only in midsummer but also in all seasons.

The back pocket has an unusual gusset, which gives it much more capacity than other jerseys.
A fourth pocket for keys or valuables is also included (not waterproof).

An all-rounder for every ride.

dhb Aeronジャージ ウィメンズ
dhb Aeronジャージ メンズ

The dhb is often compared to a variety of other jerseys, and one of the most common comments made in conversation is that the dhb is more than adequate for everyday riding.

The “good value for money” reputation of dhb is so common that there is no need to mention it, but the all-round nature of Aeron is something that new cyclists who are just starting out on the road will appreciate when they put on a jersey for the first time and think, “this is what a cycling jersey should look like”.

When you want to enjoy all kinds of rides, from short distance to long all-day rides in one jersey, the Aeron is a durable, well-stocked, and well-balanced product that you can’t go wrong with.


  • – Basic construction and easy to wear
    – Large back pockets
    – Large selection of colors and sizes
    – Affordable price


  • – There is a little room in the torso, so it is loose for a slender body shape.

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