Best Cycling Clothing Brands – Part 3: Western Europe

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Part 3 of the brand list is picked up from Western Europe.

In Western Europe, the home of cycling culture, many brands are rooted in respect for road racing. In addition, the climate and temperament of each country are reflected in the production of clothing, and each is full of attractions that cannot be simply lumped together under Europe.

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Café du Cycliste (France)

Café du Cycliste

Café du Cycliste seems to incorporate the open seaside atmosphere of the French resort town of Nice directly into its clothing.
The relaxed coloring and fitting are unique to CDC. The winter wear variation is particularly well rounded, with premium quality in both material and feel.

Café du Cycliste

NDLSS (Spain)


NDLSS, located in Madrid, is one of the most stylish Spanish brands.
Made in Italy, the styles are simple and easy to choose from in terms of lineup, design, and performance.

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la PASSIONE (Italy)

la Passione

The Italian brand “la PASSIONE”.
The designs are simple and clean, and the prices are relatively reasonable. The brand’s logo on accessories is not so prominent, so they are easy to match with other brands of clothing.


Peloton de Paris (Belgium)

Peloton de Paris

The brand name “Peloton de Paris” comes from the word “peloton,” meaning a group in road racing.
Originally designing jerseys for members of a cycling cafe club, the brand has gradually expanded to the world through social media.
The Italian fabric garments are of high quality and beautifully designed.

Peloton de Paris

Çois Cycling Legacy (Belgium)


The name “Çois” comes from François, the name of the founder’s grandfather, who was once a Belgian national champion.
Initially, the brand offered bicycle-related apparel such as T-shirts and sweatshirts, but later launched a performance lineup as well.
The brand is perfect for when you want to always feel like a cyclist, both on and off the bike.

Çois Cycling Legacy

PH Apparel (Italy)

PH apparel

PH Apparel was founded in Padova, Italy in 2015.
The antithesis of classic clothing with sponsor logos from head to toe, PH’s clothing is simple and unadorned, expressing the freedom to spend time riding a road bike at will.

Push Hard

Gobik (Spain)

Gobik began in 2010 with the creation of a local cycling kit. Now, with Contador and Ivan Basso as ambassadors, the brand is sponsoring UAE Team Emirates (UCI World Team) and Eolo Cometa (UCI Pro Team), greatly increasing its brand power.
The technically perfect clothing and strong design meet the needs of cyclists who also want to focus on performance.


The Service Course (Spain)

The Service Course

The brand was launched in 2017 by Christian Maier, a professional cyclist from Canada, and his wife Amber.
They have a bike store and cafe store in various countries along with a clothing brand.
The colors are chic and beautiful. Everything about the clothing, including the typography, is sophisticated.

The Service Course

TAN LIИE (Spain)


The brand expresses the endurance athlete in the “tan line” that cyclists naturally imbibe in their bodies.
The minimalist, urban fashion design is very elegant. Everything is made from sustainable and recycled materials.


IRIS (The Netherlands)


The brand was founded in 2017 by Iris Slappendel, a former professional cyclist who once won the Dutch World Championships.
The brand is double-named, taking her name and the initials of “I Ride In Style”.
She has a deep connection with Japan, and her products are rich in motifs of Japanese things. Yet, the designs are stylishly incorporated into the brand without being too Japanese.



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